Fanclub Marketing Is The Next Big Leap Towards Branding and Popularity Of Your Business

Creating a fanclub is easy when you have a good list of followers. A fan club is actually a list of fans and followers, who takes true interest in your product, and even if they don’t buy it every time, or may have never invested into it, they may recommend this to other parties. This is the strength of fans, which makes any product a brand, and is behind the fame and success of brands. To create a market with these fans is fanclubmarketing, which can be strategized with the help of blogging, social media and email marketing all together.

Popular Media For Creating A Fanclub

To create a fanclub you simple need the internet as a media where you can post, update and display the information about your product and services, events and experiences etc. You may create a blog, or may create a facebook fan page. There are many other websites and social media sites like LinkedIn etc, and Google Plus pages, which you may popularize in the same way. The main mantra is you keep it updated, so that every time your visitor returns he gets something new to read on.


Communication Is Foremost

If you are not communicating, you are missing the most important part of building the list. People would come to you whenthey will get the attention from you. A fan will cheer for a celeb more enthusiastically when the celeb will in turn wave and smile, and similarly the blog visitor would return to the blog once she sees that her comment is still there, and has been replied by the admin. In a facebook fan page the same formula its, and if you are the moderator of the fan page communicate with all members either sometimes individually by answering queries or replying to comments, or through mass mauling then it will be a hit. People will understand they their views are being noticed, which will bring them close to your product.

Lead Generation

You should make a list of the people putting in queries and comments. This is a natural list you will get over time. But then a faster way to do this is to create forms in the blog or fanpage. There you can offer some coupon, offer or gift, or a nice informative newsletter for the subscribers. This will fetch many more entries from many readers, and you will in a short time get a long list of subscribers. But that is not the end, and rather the beginning.

Newsletters, Contests And Polls

As you get your lead list ready, you must start with your email marketing campaigns which is one vital part of thefanclub marketing. Sending valuable and information rich newsletters to your fans periodically, and often sending mails with interesting graphics and offers, coupon codes etc is a great way to trap attention of the fans. But this should not be once in a blue moon, and must be made once a week or if possible more often. They will get interested and eventually spread theinformationthrough world of their mouth to other people too.

Following these steps strategically will help you do successful fan clubmarketing to get a long list of fans and followers, who will actually help you grow as a business.

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